Friday, February 19, 2010

Pics And Video Of What Does The Inside Of A Virgina Look Like Is This Power Supply Enough? Pics Inside.?

Is this power supply enough? Pics inside.? - pics and video of what does the inside of a virgina look like

Was rarely a problem with my computer yet, so I thought about my power to ask.

Vista 64
Radeon HD 4870,
2 GB of RAM 1200 MB DDR3
Q9550 quad-core 2.83 GHz
P3E5 Deluxe Mobo
Including the CPU fan I am running 4 fans.

Will my 500 watt (12V 22A) PSU enough to be effective in team games function, such as World of Warcraft?

My problem is complicated. On the first computer after I repair computer was taken and it worked perfectly, which was strange.

He brought his family, he has worked very well for the night we were there working. Presented at the University of the computer and started with some games, and now I'm curious error.

Screenshots: / ... ...

Have you any idea what could be causing this? Is it possible that you do not have enough power for graphics card? I watch the weather and were well within reasonable bounds for the card and the CPU. CPU is at 45 ° C during the game. GPU was around 51-60 during the game.

This was done twice for me. The last time I went out of print, so I took to repair a computer to see if my PSU, GPU or Mobo. Magically lights up and it worked perfectly and the defects have disappeared. He brought it worked perfectly for several days.
Well, all defects sudden he is back. Fortunately, the continuity of care.


sirdice said...

Power must be strong enough.

The heat is the problem in general. But it seems there is a problem with the memory of the graphics card. It could be caused by a cold sweat.

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